ANNOUNCEMENT: The 2020 Edition of Marão Ultra Trail is canceled.

It is with tremendous concern that we see the evolution of the COVID-19 epidemic, still far from knowing its real dimension. Aware of the declaration of a pandemic meanwhile announced by the World Health Organization, the European Community’s deliberations and the indications of the Directorate-General for Health, we had no alternative but to cancel our event. There will be a long period of voluntary isolation for all citizens. A situation that took everyone by surprise and given the lack of definition of protection, does not allow our organization to plan effectively and desired like it should. So, we have no alternative and we had to cancel. It was a very difficult decision to make, but the only possible at the moment; This event shows each of its editions, a part of the charms of our small country, to athletes from more than twenty different nationalities. We now appeal: it is up to each of us to take precautions, isolate and take care for those we love; we have to hold on to life.

Marão Ultra Trail returns in 2021 and as always, the organization will invest a lot with hope that you will be able to walk again in this Wonderful Kingdom.

So, Marão Trail Sports Association decided the following:

  1. Transition of all validated registrations in the present edition of UTM ’2020 to next year’s edition, to be held from 26-28 March 2021 and over the same distances. We remember that the inscriptions are personal and non-transferable;
  2. Anyone who wishes not to participate in UTM’2021 can choose to cancel their participation and will recieve an exceptional refund of 35% of the amount paid at the time of registration in this edition of UTM ‘2020. If you accept to carry your registration to 2021 and you want to cancel it latter, it will not be possible, and you can not be able to pass it on to someone else;
  3. All registrants validated in any of the editions of Marão Ultra Trail (UTM) and Marão Sky UP (MSUP) will have a 10% gift voucher (personal and non-transferable offer associated with their citizen card) in their athlete area. Edition of MSUP ‘2020 (to be held on 31.10.2020) and UTM’ 2021 (to be held on 26-28.03.2021);
  4. Opening of registrations to Marão Sky UP expected on 01.08.2020;
  5. Opening of registrations for Marão Ultra Trail to be expected on 01.10.2020.

To proceed with the cancellation of the registrations of Ultra Trail of Marão ‘2020’ edition, the athlete must send his request to the email  indicating the order number (example, “PRZ / 25288758”) and the IBAN to transfer the amount corresponding to the cancellation of your registration until 10.05.2020. All other non-canceled registrations will be carried over to Marão Ultra Trail Edition to be held on 26-28 March 2021.

We take the opportunity to thank the support of all the many involved in the UTM (sponsors, partners, volunteers, athletes and friends) and to appeal to them to be with us again in the 2021 Edition.

Check the the Municipality of Amarante statement here.

Best regards,

The Direction,