UTM Endurance UTM TM
2 operational frontals and with batteries required required (apenas 1 frontal) -
Back red light required - -
Rescue Blanket  (minimum 140x210cm) required required required
Whistle required required required
Waterproof jacket with hood required required* recommended
Water container (1L) required required recommended
Spare food   required Recomendado recommended
Protection for the head that covers the ears (tubular is allowed) required required* recommended
Dorsal required required required
Gloves required required* recommended
Waterproof pants required* - -
Pants til the knees required recommended -
Stick recommended recommended -
Adhesive elastic band (minimum 80x3cm, strapping) required required recommended
Long sleeved shirt   required required* recommended
Reusable cup (1) (minimum 15 cl) required required required
GPS system recommended recommended recommended
Geolocator (2) required
Sunglasses recommended recommended recommended
Pins or dorsal holder required required Required
Sunscreen recommended recommended -
Anti-chafing cream or vaseline recommended recommended -
First Aid kit recommended recommended -
Water purification tablets recommended recommended -
Operacional phone (with balance and with the organization numbers saved)   required   required   required
  1. For sustainability reasons, there will not be cups in the supplies. After the registration the athlete will have the chance to buy an eco cup on one of the many available stores.
  2. The geolocater devise will be given by the organization.
  3. It’s recommended that the athlete takes some monetary amount, in case of some unexpected event.
  4. All the athletes must have the required equipments/materials during the course, under penalty of being disqualified. Depending on the weather, the organization will announce during the briefing before the race, if any of the required equipments may or may not be optional.

  * Required, unless the organization decides that it can be facultative at the start of the course.