This race will share, since the beginning, the whole course with UTM Endurance.
It will be a very challenging race with two very tough initial climbs: up to the Alto das Veias, followed by Marão Vertical KM and Ms. da Serra. In the path of more secrets, you will travel throughout The Heart of Marão. Do not doubt the hardness of this challenge, as Marão is one of the most stressful races to be completed. Be resilient! Let yourself fall in love with these trails of pure charm!
TM 27K, our personality stays intact. A short and challenging course. Secular rails, rural villages, magic woods and all the charm that the mountain range of the Aboboreira has to give us.
If you are looking for a smaller trail with a fleeting and balanced character, you have found it!

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to see

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    •  The magic of the village of Ansiães: The Heart of Marão.

    •  The rural trails of the maronesas villages.

    • The quiet warmth of the unique village of Travanca do Monte

    • The megalithic necropolis of the Aboboreira.

    • The lush waterfalls of Ribeiro da Goiva. And much more!

departure time

// saturday, 28 March 2020// 10:00 (Centro de Lazer de Ansiães, Eido, Amarante)// limit time: 7h

registration limit

500 participants


//27 km and 1400m d+//Maximum slope: Alto do Excomungado, 897m//Minimum slope: Pista do Formão, 58m//2 ridge, 1 mountain range//Difficulty level: (1400/10)/25 = 5,6 pts//Itra: 27+ (1400/100)= 41 pts
Ansiães – Travanca do Monte
Beginning by departing through the middle of the village of Ansiães and following then by rural paths. When you reach the Corvachã plateau, wonder through the rock’s edges, precipitate through a sudden downhill single track until you meet the Carneiro River. Taking the final climb of this track, nature toasts you with lush vegetation. Pardinhas is admirably set in this magical setting, and the water from its springs is a much desired gift that recovers and forces until it reaches Travanca do Monte. Here one lives and breathes silence and peace, find the fullness of the senses.
  • 9 Km // 753 mD+ // 464 mD
  • Maximum time: 2h20m
Travanca, the refuge of Teixeira de Pascoaes, is still today enamored by writers and other art workers. Its charm awakens our senses to the largest megalithic necropolis in the north of Portugal. The mysticism of the Serra da Aboboreira and the remains found there are the perfect harmony for the encounter with our ancestors thousands of years ago. This meeting ends as soon as you get to Aldeia Velha. The already bucolic scenery is quickly invaded by an exuberant succession of magnificent waterfalls that run through Ribeiro da Goiva. And you come to the picnic park of S. Simão de Gouveia.
  • 6,1 Km // 221 mD+ // 484 mD-
  • Maximum time: 1h50

Surrounded by the successive waterfalls of the Goiva stream, you’ll descend to the Ovelha river. A small climb is taken by an abandoned levada. In Salvador do Monte, after crossing the village, follows a short descent to the Tâmega River. You will travel two kilometers along the river by a forest path and arrive at Amarante.

  • 10,8 Km // 371 mD+ // 735 mD
  • Maximum time: 2h30


they say

It was the first time I made the km and I was a little afraid of the criticism of last year. But my expectations were exceeded, the route was very well marked, good supplies, the staff was friendly and helpful. It was a very very hard but excellent proof, next year I will certainly come back.

Ivete Alves




LocalityKmPartial DistanceSupplyHeightPartial slopeAscentDescentAccumulated positive slopeAccumulated negative slopeFirst corridorLast runnerTime barriersCoordinate GPS
Travanca do Monte88solids + liquids70354875420675420610:4011:3011:4041.21636-8.00419
S.Simão de Gouveia13,916,17solids + liquids440-26322148497569011:1813:0013:3041.221018-8.047305