This race will share part of the course and emotions with the longest route; from Covelo do Monte to the Aboboreira mountain range you will seek other paths, that will make you discover more secrets.
Do not doubt the hardness of this challenge, because the ascent to Gavião is known as one of the hardest races you have ever done.

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to see

and where to photograph

    • The magic of the city of Amarante: the Princess of Tâmega.
    • The traditional rurality of Covelo do Monte.
    • The invitation to contemplate the fauna and flora of the Lameira forest.
    • The quiet comfort of the unique village of Travanca do Monte.

      The megalithic necropolis of Aboboreira.

    • The amazing cascades of Ribeiro da Goiva. And much more!

departure time

// Saturday, March 30, 2019 //8:00 (Parque do Ribeirinho, Amarante)//Timeout: 13 h

registration limit

// 500 participants


// 54 km e 3200 m d+//Maximum slope: Gavião, 1184 m.//Minimum slope: Pista do Formão, 58 m.//2 ridges, 1 mountain range.//Difficulty level: (3200/10) / 55 = 5,8 pts//Itra: 55+ (3200/100) = 87 pts
Amarante – Covelo do Monte

The challenge begins with an exit through the historic streets of Amarante. Once out of the city ,whether by rural roads, or by rails, always climbing. Arriving at the Monastery of Gondar, you’ll find a downhill along a beautiful path. Crossing the Marancinho river you’ll find multiples climbs and descents , passing by the Estalagem and chapel of S. Bento. Then you’ll be presented with the first hard climb of this course to Feiteira. Place of strong winds and very cold. You can already see the village in the background. It loses altitude, descending by a defiant ravine. And we are in Covelo do Monte.

  • 16,8 Km // 1.100 mD+ // 541 mD-
  • Maximum time: 3h30
Covelo do Monte – Gião

Following pastoral tracks where in past times the ox carts ripped the slabs of the roads. From Ribeira do Covelo comes the hard climb to the Gavião. Enjoy the panoramic view and take pleasure in the downhill until you enter the magical Lameira forest. A more demanding descent is made by the Leigido frigate that leads to the levada of Tapado. And immediately after that you reach Gião.

  • 11,9 Km // 686 mD+ // 856 mD-
  • Tempo máximo: 3h10
Gião – travanca do monte

Passing the village of Gião you’ll descend by a beautiful rail until the Marão river. It follows a long ascent that reaches  the plateau of Corvachã roaming between the edges of the rocks, precipitating only to then lower abruptly by a single track until meeting with the Carneiro River. Taking the final ascent of this stretch, nature provides an amazing variability of vegetation. Pardinhas is admirably inserted in this magical setting, and the water of its fountains is a much desired gift , until it reaches Travanca do Monte. Here we live and breathe silence and peace and we find the fullness of the senses.

  • 9,1 Km // 738 mD+ // 500 mD-
  • Tempo máximo: 2h20
travanca do monte – s.simão de Gouveia

Travanca, the refuge of Teixeira de Pascoaes, is still today enamored by writers and other art workers. Its charm awakens our senses to the largest megalithic necropolis in the north of Portugal. The mysticism of the Serra da Aboboreira and the remains found there are the perfect harmony for the encounter with our ancestors thousands of years ago. This meeting ends as soon as you get to Aldeia Velha. The already bucolic scenery is quickly invaded by an exuberant succession of magnificent waterfalls that run through Ribeiro da Goiva. And you come to the picnic park of S. Simão de Gouveia.

  • 6,1 Km / 221 mD+ / 484 mD-
  • Maximum time: 1h40
s. simão de Gouveia – amarante

Surrounded by the successive waterfalls of the Goiva stream, you’ll descend to the Ovelha river. A small climb is taken by an abandoned levada. In Salvador do Monte, after crossing the village, follows a short descent to the Tâmega River. You will travel two kilometers along the river by a forest path and arrive at Amarante.

  • 10,8 Km // 371 mD+ // 735 mD-
  • Maximum time: 2h30


they say

Super well marked! Definitely a race that you should consider, a technical course and with diversity of landscape, good gradient and climatic conditions, simply that added excitement to the challenge of concluding it. Thanks to the organization and the people of Amarante, we had a lot of fun.

Miriam Ramirez




LocalityKmPartial DistanceSupplyHeightPartial slopeAscentDescentAccumulated positive slopeAccumulated negative slopeFirst corridorLast runnerTime barriersCoordinate GPS
Amarante00Departure76000008:008:108:1041.267025 -8.080739
Estalagem S. Bento12,312,3 4713956912966912968:509:40 41.29533-7.99347
Covelo do Monte16,84,5solids + liquids63516440924511005419:2010:3011:3041.300780-7.951887
Lameira23,56,7 930-295640358174089910:1512:15 41.27654-7.94658
Gião28,75solids + liquids465-170464981786139710:4213:0514:4041.251303-7.978618
Travanca do Monte37,89,0solids + liquids7032387385002524189711:3115:0516:5041.21636-8.00419
S.Simão de Gouveia43,96,2solids + liquids440-2632214842745238112:0916:2018:3041.221018, -8.047305