UTM Endurance 105K, everything unfolds around the marvelous view of the Marão (the entrance to a Wonderful Kingdom) and its foothills: Alvão, Aboboreira, Matos and Meia Via. They are aggressive mountains of singular beauty, where streams of crystalline water beautifully flow, you'll also find wondrous natural landscapes and villages of pure charm. Suunto® KM Vertical do Marão and Senhora da Serra wait for you!
An adventure through imposing mountains that defy your physical strength and where only the most vigorous will achieve victory.

National championship endurance trail

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to see

and where to photograph

    • The magic of the city of Amarante: the Princess of Tâmega.
    • The famous wire fence that connects Mouquim to Tejão.

      The bucolic lost village of Pardelhas.

    • The dawn on top of Senhora da Serra.

    • The rural rails and the hill of Castelo de Mastos.

    • The native forest of Mata de Reixela.

    • The megalithic necropolis of Aboboreira.

    • The amazing cascades of Ribeiro da Goiva. And much more!

departure time

// friday, 29 de Março de 2019// 23:00 (Parque do Ribeirinho, Amarante)// time limit: 25 h

registration limit

250 participants


//105 km and 6400m d +//Maximum height: Senhora da Serra, 1416m//Minimal height: Pista do Formão, 58m//5 ridges, 1 mountain range//Degree of difficulty: (6400/10) / 105 = 6.1 pts//Itra: 105+ (6400/100) = 169 pts
Amarante – Covelo do Monte

It begins with a short tour on the historical area of Amarante. From here you’ll leave to the outskirts of the city whether by rural roads, or by rails, always climbing. Arriving at the Monastery of Gondar, you’ll find a downhill along a beautiful path. Crossing the Marancinho river you’ll find multiples climbs and descents , passing by the Estalagem and chapel of S. Bento. Then you’ll be presented with the first hard climb of this course to Feiteira. Place of strong winds and very cold. You can already see the village in the background. It loses altitude, descending by a defiant ravine. And we are in Covelo do Monte.

  • 17,9 Km // 1.131 mD+ // 572 mD-
  • Maximum time: 3h30
Covelo do Monte – Mouquim

Following by pastoral tracks, past the old forest ranger house. Without defined path, after the hill of Covas it is required maximum concentration in the descent by the fragas (as it can be very slippery). After a small fountain, the mines of the Sobrido appear. The course is flat. Before Canadelo you’ll cross slab rails down until the Olo river. Take a short ascent to the Cristas. And we reach Mouquim.

  • 10,2 Km // 609 mD+ // 839 mD-
  • Maximum time: 2h30’
Mouquim – Pardelhas

We pass Mouquim and take a trail that takes us to the Olo river. We cross the wire bridge and run along the sidewalk to the village of Tejão. Overcoming the unevenness we arrive at Portela da Louseira, plateau that suggests the contemplation of the landscape, but very exposed to strong winds. After Alto de Capelo and Rocheira, you’ll descend and pass through some old mines, the Inca trail, the corral of Freixieiro, the rudimentary charm of Chão de Rosso; and after the brook you’ll ascend to Pardelhas.

  • 11,6 Km // 764 mD+ // 625 mD-
  • Maximum time: 3h00
Pardelhas – Montes

Leaving  the comfort of Pardelas you’ll be confronted with the most demanding sector of the Compressport UTM. It is recommended that you leave the supply store well wrapped. Firstly, by a trail through the rocks. Passing to Bouça Velha, you’ll find the short but hard climb of the Torrão. Arriving at Monte Velão, you cross an entire road to Pena Suar. This summit is dreadfull due to its winter weather characteristics. It’s horrific. The weather gives truces when passing through Alto de Espinho, but the ascent to Portal da Freita is again very exposed. It follows a descent, surrounded by a wonderful birch forest. And Montes appears.

  • 14,6 Km / 1.090 mD+ / 812 mD-
  • Maximum time: 3h10’
Montes – Sra. da Serra

Descend  to Cotorinho until the Pontões Bridge. Two bridges emerge which makes it easier for us to rush through the exuberant beauty of the forest that welcomes this stream. After Prazeta, the Suunto® KMV of Marão appears, which ends only with Mrs. Of the Serra.

  • 8,6 Km // 1.084 mD+ // 496 mD-
  • Maximum time: 3h00
Sra. da Serra – Alto de Quintela

You’ll go through a long descent to the village of Teixeira. There you’ll find is a fountain next to the bridge under the river, to stock up on water. Recover energy and surpass the three hundred meters ascent to Alto de Quintela.

  • 13,2 Km // 632 mD+ // 1273 mD-
  • Maximum time: 2h50’
Alto de Quintela – Broscras

This is the most easy to run sector of the of the entire UTM Endurance course. There’s  a gentle ascent to Chã das Arcas. From here you can enjoy a vast plateau until the hill of the Castle. The descent invites you to keep up a good pace. When crossing the river Ovil in Mata de Reixela you’ll find a small ascent to the village of Broscras.

  • 9,9 Km // 350 mD+ // 518 mD-
  • Maximum time: 2h10’
Broscras – S.Simão de Gouveia

You’ll be confronted with the last ascent of this challenge until the geodesic mark of Meninas. From here to the S. Simão de Gouveia picnic park is always down. Take a chance to be amazed by  the successive cascades of the stream of Goiva.


  • 8,2 Km / 366 mD+ / 527 mD-
  • Maximum time: 2h05’
S.Simão de Gouveia – Amarante

Surrounded by the successive waterfalls of the Goiva stream, you’ll descend to the Ovelha river. A small climb is taken by an abandoned levada. In Salvador do Monte, after crossing the village, follows a short descent to the Tâmega River. You will travel two kilometers along the river by a forest path and arrive at Amarante.


  • 10,8 Km / 371 mD+ / 735 mD- 
  • Maximum time: 2h45’


they say

The run was amazing. Simply the toughest and most challenging test I ever did. Not by extension, but by everything else. The adverse weather conditions (we caught everything … rain, snow, hail, ice, wind, sun), type of terrain (very technical and also very varied), altimetry (both positive and negative) … basically everything.

Sérgio Neto

UTMe 2018



LocalityKmPartial DistanceSupplyHeightPartial slopeAscentDescentAccumulated positive slopeAccumulated negative slopeFirst corridorLast runnerTime barriersCoordinate GPS
Amarante00departure760000023:0023:1023:1041.267025 -8.080739
Covelo do Monte*17,917,9solids + liquids635559113157211315720:252:002.3041.300780-7.951887
Mouquim28,110,2solids + liquids405-230609839174014111:253:305:0041.342029-7.970478
Pardelhas39,711,6Base of Life544139764625250420362:425:008:0041.33499-7.892269
Montes54,314,6solids + liquids8222781090812359428484:308:4511:1041.266322-7.879441
Senhora da Serra62,98,6solids + liquids14105881084496467833445:5111:1014:1041.248187 -7.887284
Alto de Quintela76,213,2Base of Life769-6416321273531046177:1914:1017.0041.188164-7.94225
Broscras86,19,9solids + liquids601-168350518566051358:2716:1019:1041.19020-8.00656
S.Simão de Gouveia94,38,2solids + liquids440-161366527602656629:2018:4021:5041.221018-8.047305