_KMV of Marão

The Marão has been through the ages an imposing, harsh mountain range and very difficult to transpose. “Marão who gives neither straw nor grain!”

A natural obstacle so imposing and from where stands a truly monstrous rock wall that has been widely heard among the people of this kingdom.: “From here to Marão, those who are here are the ones in charge!…”

This sea of rough stones is hell, whether in the summer or whether in the winter. Fearless, let us leave the adventure and challenge of the vertical km starting from the Moinhos river up until the Senhora da Serra. On the top we contemplate the work that the creator shows us: his Wonderful Kingdom.

STRAVA segment

Segment inserted in UTM Endurance 105K


// Prazeta // 41.85402 -7.85402


//Senhora da Serra //41.24847 -7.88697


//Distance: 4,3 kms//Positive slope: 1.047m//Minimum altitude: 387m//Maximum Altitude: 1416m